About Me

I'm a full-stack software engineer building beautiful, performative web experiences. Most of what I make uses React on the frontend and Python + Django for backend. I've contributed to over 15 different projects in my career for clients in hospitality, healthcare, e-commerce, and more.

Things I Enjoy in Life

  • Playing new video games and collecting old ones
  • Anime
  • Modding old electronics like iPods and Game Boys
  • Listening to 80s Japanese music

About This Site

I built this site mainly to showcase the work I made over the past several years that's out there in the wild. I plan to start blogging about subjects that interest me and sharing those thoughts here.

Many of the projects you'll see here are built with Django and React. However, when building my own, my goal was to learn new tools and frameworks while keeping things simple. Here's a list of everything I used to build this site:

I've found that using these tools helped make my code easier to understand and made me more productive. I hope to use this stack or incorporate parts of it in future projects of mine.


Want to share how you found my site? Just saying hello? My email is hello@josephkhawly.dev.